Custom Blog Creation

  • Hosted under any domain name (i.e.)
  • Add unlimited Blog topics & categories
  • Spell-check, preview and autosave options
  • Upload text, photos & videos instantly
  • Categorize and tag your entry posts
  • Integrated stats system to gauge your Blog’s traffic
  • Automatic spam protection
  • Connect with other blog services like Blogger, etc.
  • Easily track follow-ups to your comments
  • Automatic access to the Blogging community
  • Sidebar widgets for Flickr,, Meebo & more
  • Update your blog posts on-demand
  • Easily export & import any type of info
  • 100% secure access for you and readers.
  • RSS & social bookmark technology added
  • B2evolution- we can customize this platform
  • Nucleus- we can also customize this platform
  • We can also customize a popular"> made blogs

Wordpress is available in two forms. is an Open Source software meaning it's free for anyone to use and modify to meet their personal needs (in this case, to create blogs). Since it's free, it does have limitations. Alternatively, provides the software to create your blog, but does not host your blog on the Internet for you. You will have to pay a separate hosting provider to obtain a domain name and host your blog online. Using with a paid hosting service provides maximum flexibility and customization. You will be able to use your content and tweak the code to customize functionality and appearance however you see fit. This does however; require additional time and technical ability

Examples of our Blog Development work

Please do not contact these clients at any time. They don't like to be bothered. For References that you may contact please inquire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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